Midnight Prayer Points

Psalm 92:12-14, Matthew 5:14, Philippians 2:15.

Father, I thank you for the life of my children, I thank you for your faithfulness towards them, to you be all the praise.

Bright and morning stars, I bless your name for the battles you have been fighting for my household. I am forever grateful.

Father I thank you for preserving my children, thank you for watching over them both in school and at home. I give you all the praise.

Almighty and mercy Father, please have mercy upon my children, forgive all their short coming and wash them with your blood.

In the name of Jesus, I speak the blood of Jesus over all my children. I declare the mark of the blood upon all my children.

O Lord let your grace of salvation shine on my children. Let them be an ambassador of Christ among their peers.

O Lord draw my children to yourself. Let my children be the light of God among their peers drawing many to you in Jesus name

In the name of Jesus, I disconnect my children from bad friends that will influence them negatively.

In the name of Jesus I set on fire every altars of darkness fighting the destiny of my children.

O Lord I plant my children in the foundation of Christ Jesus therefore my children must flourish in Jesus name

In the name of Jesus my children will not suffer what I suffered. I decree my children will be greater then me in Jesus name

I decree my children will be the head and not the tail in all their endeavors in Jesus name

l decree and I declare my children will not be a shame to me, my spouse, the church or the world at Large in Jesus name

Father in the name of Jesus, I disconnect my children from every negative foundational pattern and I reconnect them to Godly foundation and I declare their liberty by the blood of Jesus.

Father hide my children under the shadow of wings and may my children remain preserved in Jesus name.

O Lord may my children experience your goodness in every phase of their life in Jesus name

O God, deliver my children from all the social vices of this world in Jesus name

O Lord cause my children to manifest the fruit of the Spirit in Jesus name.

In the name of Jesus, I hand over my children to you Lord God Holy Spirit, use them for your glory in Jesus name

Your personal prayer points.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.