Midnight Prayer Points

Isaiah 60:1-2, Isaiah 54:10, 17, Psalms 40:3

Father, I thank you for your faithfulness and goodness upon me and my household. I bless your HOLY name.

Father I worship and adore you. Receive my praise today in the name of Jesus.

Heavenly Father, I adore you for who you are, and for what you’ve done from the beginning of this year till now. I can not thank you enough. Glory to your Holy name.

Father fill me up. I pray for an overflow of your Spirit in me. Let your Spirit fill me up in Jesus name.

Father please have mercy on me for all my unrighteousness in Jesus name.

Father, there’s nothing too difficult for you. Arise O Lord and send help to me this season in Jesus name.

O Lord by your mercy change my story. Put a new song in my mouth in Jesus name.

Father, there’s nothing too difficult for you. Arise O Lord and orchestrate a change in my business and career in Jesus name.

Father build my faith in you. O Lord cause my hope to come back alive in Jesus name.

Father, consecrate me to your self Lord. Sanctify me and make me a vessle fit for the Masters use in Jesus name.

Father, lay your hands on me in Jesus name.

Father, cause your face to shine on me. Let your beauty rub off on me in Jesus name.

I declare judgemental fire upon every altar limiting my life, ministry, finance and destiny in Jesus name.

I declare no weapon formed against me and my household shall prosper in Jesus name.

In Jesus name, I am more than a conqueror.

Abba Father, arise and contend with any forces contending with my life and destiny.

I declare that every accident assigned to take my life or my family members life is hereby scattered in Jesus name.

I declare and I decree, I and my family is hidden under the shadow of the Most High God.

Your personal prayer points.

Father I bless your name for answering our prayers.