Midnight Prayer Points


Father, thank you for your grace and mercy upon my life.

O Lord I thank you for your kindness and unfailing love upon my family and I.

Father, I thank you for your enduring protection and safety upon my household and I in Jesus name

Father, forgive my trespasses in Jesus name.

O Lord, anoint me for unusual breakthrough in my business and career in Jesus name.

Father, bless me greatly and make me a blessing to my family and my generation in Jesus name.

Father, touch every aspect of my life with your mighty hands in Jesus name.

Father, please intervene divinely in my career, profession, business, academics, and all my endeavours and cause me to succeed in Jesus name.

O Lord, bless the works of my hands and make me prosperous in all aspects in Jesus name.

O Lord let your grace to be preferred above my equals rest upon me now in Jesus name

O Lord, I decree and declare that my business, career, and profession will never experience death in Jesus name.

Lord Jesus, expose and disgrace every wicked forces stopping my career breakthrough in Jesus name.

Father, strike down by your mighty hand every strongman standing in the way of my career breakthrough in Jesus name.

Father make me a man/woman of supernatural deeds in all my endeavours in Jesus name.

Lord I claim the glory and destiny of my career from every wicked forces in Jesus name.

Father release your fire into the camp of every spiritual enemy planning failure for my career in Jesus name.

Father bring all your great plans for my life, business, and career to fulfillment in Jesus name.

Precious Father please connect me with my destiny helpers who will help in uplifting my career in Jesus name.

Lord, grant me supernatural expansion and enlargement in my business, profession and career in Jesus name.

Father announce my career for greater heights in Jesus name.

My Father, my Father release your excellence Spirit upon me and cause me to excel in every areas in Jesus name.

O Lord, let testimonies and celebrations fill my abode in Jesus name.

Your personal prayer points.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.