Midnight Prayer Points

Romans 8:15-16

Father, thank you for the gift of life, be thou exalted in Jesus’ name.

Lord, You are worthy to be praised and adored, glory be to your Holy name in Jesus’ name.

You are gracious and faithful my Father and my King, recieve my thanks in Jesus’ name.

Thank you Lord, for your loving kindness and protection over me, my loved ones and family.

Father I ask that you wash me free from every impurity and make me whole again in Jesus’ mighty name.

Father, I admit that I am helpless and only you can help me, please come to my aid in Jesus’ name.

Father, I admit that am a sinner and only you can save me, please don’t turn your back on me O Lord.

Restore unto me Lord, the joy of my salvation that may have been taken away from me by the evil one in Jesus’ name.

My Father and my Lord, renew my spirit and give me a heart of flesh in Jesus’ name.

Father, do not take away your presence from me or my household in Jesus’ name.

I decree and I declare that the presence of the Spirit of God will be resident in my life in Jesus’ name.

O Lord just like Moses, anywhere your presence will not follow me to, do not let me go there in Jesus’ name.

I refuse to be an instrument of the devil to carry out his wicked assignments in Jesus’ name.

I am an instrument and a worthy vessel in the house of my Father in Jesus’ name.

I submit myself to the leadings of the Spirit of God in my dealings with men in Jesus’ name.

Help me O Lord to surrender to your will for my life whether it is convenient or not in Jesus’ name

Father, I recieve the grace to be willing to obey you at all times in Jesus’ name.

Lord, I reject dishonesty and I subscribe to obedience to your will in Jesus’ name.

Your personal prayer points.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.