Midnight Prayer Points

2 Corinthians 10:4-5, Jeremiah 51:20-22

Father I thank you for the grace to be among the living, be thou exalted in Jesus name.

Thank you Lord for your promises over me and my family in Jesus’ name

Thank you Father for calling me your own.

Father forgive me all my trespasses in the name of Jesus.

Father, this night I release the power of God over my life, academics, career, family, nation and business in Jesus’ name.

Father don’t allow the enemy to take control of my life and that of any member of my family in Jesus’ name.

Father please set my spirit and my altar on fire for you in Jesus’ name

Lord please make me your battle axe in the name of Jesus.

Father make me your weapon of war, mighty enough to pull down every strong hold in Jesus’ name.

Father, destroy everything in me that will hinder your work in my life in Jesus’ name.

Whatever doesn’t look like you, that is reflecting in me, take it away in the name of Jesus.

Every contending power that is operating in my household, or in my place of work be demolished by the mighty hand of God in Jesus’ name.

Father as your battle axe, I declare peace and unity over my nation in Jesus’ name.

Any plan of the enemy to cut short the lives of young ones in my family, nation…. I silence it NOW! In Jesus name

Father, I ask once again that you let me burn for you and cause a positive impact that will positively influence my generation in Jesus’ name.

Father, by the time you are done with me, do not let my generation recover from the impact in my life in the mighty name of Jesus.

Father, I am weak but make me strong and let me be a terror to the kingdom of darkness in Jesus’ name.

The devil shall not triumph over the people of God in Jesus’ name.

Father tonight, I put into captivity, anything that will prevent the citizens of my country from knowing and obeying you in Jesus’ name.

Your personal prayer.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.