Midnight Prayer Points

Psalms 128, 127:3-5

Father I thank you for my life and that of my family.

Thank you Lord for forgiving us of all our sins and unrighteousness
(Instructions; pray these prayers even if you are not married or have given birth)

Father, I thank you for the grace to be called a mother/father in the name of Jesus.

Thank you Jesus because tonight shall be the night of great deliverance for me and the children you have gifted me in the name of Jesus.

Father this night I rededicate my children to you, do with them what pleases you because they are yours forever in the name of Jesus.

Father show me mercy tonight wherever and whenever I have claimed total ownership of your heritage in my care in Jesus name.

Powers that said since we cannot catch him/ her let us go after his/her children , O God do not listen to them but destroy them in your anger, in the name of Jesus.

Father make my children your anointed in the name of Jesus.

JESUS please build your wall of fire around the heritage you have given to me in the name of Jesus.

I decree and declare no weapon formed against my children shall prosper in the name of Jesus.

(Instructions: pray this particular prayer with every strength in you)

Every demonic curses over the life of the firstborns in my father’s house, in my mother’s house or in my inlaw’s house, waiting to manifest in the life of my first born (mention the name of the child) at a certain age, Rock of Ages, break them to pieces in the name of Jesus.

My children (mention their names), you shall not inherit any negative traits from any late family members of both your father’s house and your mother’s in the name of Jesus.

Powers waiting for me to reach a certain age to afflict me through my children, you are a liar, die in the name of Jesus.

O God of the past, present and future, arise in your mercy, go to the past, present and future of my children and make everything work for their favor in the name of Jesus.

Any ancestor raising evil altars for my children, sacrificing blood and dancing around their names, O Most High God, let them run mad instantly in the name of Jesus.

I rebuke every power assigned to turn my children against me at my ripened age in order to see me suffer in the name of Jesus.

Every afflictions my parents passed over to their children, surely as the Lord liveth and His Spirit lives, such afflictions shall not arise against me or my offspring in the name of Jesus.

At the appointed time that the glory of my children will begin to manifest, I shall not be found in the grave yard, mortuary or at the psychiatric hospital in the name of Jesus.

Father, thou art my strength and my shield, the lifter up of my head, please honour these prayers tonight in the name of Jesus.

Father cause the heaven to shake, cause the ground to shake and let there be earthquake in the camp of the enemies wanting to attack me or my children as a result of these prayers in the name of Jesus.

Powers chanting my children’s name before any evil altar be silenced and die in the name of Jesus.

Your personal prayer points.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.