Midnight Prayer Points

Genesis 1:22, Leviticus 26:9, Psalms 128:3

Father I thank you for the gift of life. I thank you for your faithfulness to me and my household. To you be all the Glory.

Father I bless your HOLY name for your goodness and mercy upon me and my household, to you be all the praise.

Father I make demand for your mercy upon me in every area that I have fallen short of your glory. O Lord have mercy upon me and cleanse me from all unrighteousness in Jesus name.

Abba Father come and take your place in my life today in Jesus name.

My Father my Father pour your Spirit upon me and cause me to be fruitful in Jesus name.

In the Mighty name of Jesus I unseat every one sitting on my fruitfulness.

Father by your mercy restore to me all my lost opportunities in Jesus name.

O Lord be merciful unto me and restore every wasted years of my life.

Father in name of Jesus destroy every spell of barrenness in my life.

O Lord open the heavens and let me experience a rain of your glory in Jesus name.

Father restore my lost prayer mantles. O Lord release fresh fire on my personal prayer altar in Jesus name.

O Lord release upon my life the former and the latter rain in the name of Jesus.

O Lord release upon me the grace to run, overtake and recovery all that the enemies have stolen from my life in Jesus name.

Father in the name of Jesus I release fire upon every altar diverting what belongs to me be roasted by fire now in Jesus name.

I come against every force of darkness standing against my fruitfulness, in the name of Jesus die by fire.

In the name of Jesus I set every ancestral altar diverting my breakthrough on fire.

O God cause me and my family to eat in plenty and be satisfied in Jesus name.

Father let my heaven be open and let me experience an overflow of your blessings in Jesus name

Father decorate my life and family with your goodness and make our lives beautiful in Jesus name.

Your personal supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.