Midnight Prayer Points

PSALMS 35:1-28.

Glory be to God in the Highest. We worship your Holy Name, thank you for not leaving us in the hands of our enemies, thank you for everything. Thank you Jesus.

LORD, I thank you because you always answer me anytime that I call You. Thank you Jesus.

Father in your mercy, energize my strength to be on fire and to burn for you in Jesus name.

Father, set me on fire and give me grace and strength to pray tonight in Jesus Name.

Father, every strange fire in my life be quenched in Jesus Name.

In the Name of Jesus, I come against any spirit of doubt and fear in my life.

Father, oppose those who oppose me and fight those who are fighting against me in Jesus name.

In the name of Jesus let my enemies be defeated in Jesus mighty Name.

LORD, in your mightiness, pick up your shield large and small, arise! Help and defend me before this month ends in Jesus Name.

Father, disappoint and put to shame all those who are trying to mock me. Confuse them, and make
them to be ashamed in Jesus Name.

Father, all those who are trying to harm me and my family, O LORD make their way dark and slippery, let them meet destructions on their way in Jesus Name.

O LORD, deliver me from every pit the enemy have dug for my family this month, Let them stumble
into it on their own in Jesus Name.

Father, cause me to rejoice in you LORD and make me happy. Let my satisfaction come from you alone in Jesus Name.

O LORD, before this month ends, let my joy be full and overflow in Jesus Name.

Lord, there’s no one like you, please protect me from those who are stronger than me, be my shield and defender in Jesus Name.

O LORD my God, save me from the hands of the wicked, save my life and that of my family
from the hands of the evil ones in Jesus Name.

LORD, please fight for me, my family and Nation, let your justice rule in our land in Jesus mighty Name.

Father, please don’t let the wicked continually laugh at me in Jesus name.

Father, Let my enemies be ashamed. Embarrass all those who has hands in my problems in Jesus Name.

In the name of Jesus, I decree that what stopped my parents will not stop me. That problem that pulls men down will not pull me down in Jesus Name.

Father make me an overcomer in Jesus name.

Father, I receive great grace to overcome every storm of life in Jesus Name.

Father, do a new thing in my life and family in Jesus name.

Father, cause us to have reasons to celebrate before the end of this month in Jesus Name.

Your personal supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.