Midnight Prayer Points

Proverbs 18:1-10
Proverbs 22:4, James 3:1-10.

Father thank You for the doors you have made open to me. Thank You for bestowing upon me your choicest blessings. Thank You LORD.

Father let there be an impartation of your power in my life, fill me up with your power afresh in Jesus Name.

Father give me power and authority to trample every negative circumstances surrounding my life and family in Jesus Name.

Father help me to bridle my tongue all the times, give me the grace to tame my tongue always in Jesus Name.

Father every condemnation I have brought upon myself due to a loose tongue, please deliver me tonight in Jesus Name.

LORD Jesus wash my spiritual eyes, ears and mouth with your blood, refine my spiritual organs to be more sensitive to the things of the spirit in Jesus Name.

O God my Lord that answers by fire, answer by fire whenever any spiritual attacks come against me, let your fire consume them in Jesus Name.

O LORD, you are the LION of the the tribe of Judah, come and save me from every lion’s den in Jesus Name.

LORD Jesus, put an end to every satanic dreams tormenting my life. Put an end to every bad dreams and its effects in my life and family in Jesus Name.

Father replace every bad dreams to divine vision and Divinely inspired dreams in Jesus Name.

My Father My Healer, the great physician let the blood of Jesus wash all the organs in my body and perfect all that concerns my life in Jesus Name.

Father fulfill all the promises you have made concerning my life this year, I shall not carry them over to 2023 unfulfilled, in Jesus Name.

Father, my testimony will not be diverted, I will testify before this year comes to an end in Jesus Name.

Father, I come against every agenda of the devil against my life. I cancel every plans of the evil ones over my life this end of the year in Jesus Name.

Father, I ask for your divine wisdom and knowledge. I need your divine understanding to live my life in 2023, please grant it unto me in Jesus Name.

Father, save me from strangers that rises against me. Deliver me from all my oppressors that seek after my soul, LORD deliver me from them all in Jesus Name.

Father, I humble myself before You tonight, as this year is coming to an end, LORD help me, I pour out my heart unto You, I know that you can still do wonders in my life. Please answer me speedily in Jesus Name.

The Name of the LORD is a strong tower the righteous run into it and they are safe. LORD I and my household run to you for safety, protect us from evil demonic manipulation in Jesus Name.

Thank God for answers to our prayers.