Midnight Prayer Points

BIBLE REFERENCE: Ephesians 6:1-4, Proverbs 22: 6.

Thank you Jesus, for your saving grace upon my life and my children, take all the glory and honour in Jesus name.

Father, thank you on behalf of all members of my family and loved ones, hallowed be unto your holy name in Jesus name.

Father I ask that you answer me speedily tonight in the name of Jesus.

Show me mercy O Lord and keep no records of my iniquities in Jesus name.

Wash me with your blood that speaks better things than the blood of Abel and let me enter your holy tabernacle in Jesus name.

O Lord, help my children to serve you. (Pray this prayer even if you don’t have a child yet)

Father, cause my children to have the fear of God and to honour and obey their parents in Jesus name.

Any plan of the enemy to cut the lives of my children short by making them disrespectful, and not yielded to the Spirit of God, let those plans be truncated in Jesus name.

My children shall live a long life filled with the goodness of God in Jesus name.

My children shall not live a wasted life in Jesus name.

My children shall live to fulfil the plan and purpose of God for their lives in Jesus name.

The devil shall not snatch my children away from me in Jesus name.

Father, help me and my spouse to parent and train our children in the way of the Lord in Jesus name.

Make us parents of integrity and value, and help us to produce children of integrity and value in Jesus name.

Father, I ask that you open our eyes to see the areas in which we are lagging in training our children correctly, and help us strengthen our weaknesses in Jesus name.

Father help us as a parent not to frustrate our children or lead them to sin in Jesus name.

My family will be bounded in love, unity and faith in the name of Jesus.

The agenda of the devil concerning our children and family will not come to pass in Jesus name.

Father, cause my children to display godly characters and virtues both in the secret and in the open in Jesus name.

Your personal Supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.