Midnight Prayer Points

Revelation 5:12, Colossians 2:14, 1Corinthians 2:16

Adonai I bless your holy name, my soul and all that is within me bless your Holy name.

Father I bless your name for all your good works and mercy I have enjoyed thus far. Thank you Jesus.

Father, I appreciate you for the mercy I have enjoyed in you alone. Glory to you in the highest.

Father, I thank you Lord because you wish above all things that I prosper and be in divine health,to you alone be all the glory in Jesus name.

Father, I thank you for all the blessing of redemption that is in Christ Jesus.

In the name of Jesus, I access all that redemption offers me and my household in Jesus name.

In the name of Jesus, I receive power, riches wisdom and honour and I begin to enjoy the benefits for redemption.

By the blood of Jesus, I overcome the activities of darkness around my life and destiny in Jesus name.

In the name of Jesus, I speak the blood of Jesus against every altar speaking evil over my life and destiny.

In the Name of Jesus, my household and I are more than conquerors.

O Lord, blot out all evil handwriting of ordinance against my life, marriage, destiny and family in Jesus name.

I nullify every evil handwriting by the blood of Jesus.

Father, I reject evil load that enemy place on my life and the life of my household and I offload them tonight in Jesus name.

Arise O Lord and let my enemies be scattered in Jesus mighty name.

In the Name of Jesus, I receive the Spirit of righteousness.

Father lead me in your path of righteousness all the way in Jesus name.

Father in the name of Jesus, give me the mind of Christ, may I reflect the image of Christ always in Jesus name.

O Lord cause me to access your abundant grace in Jesus name.

Father, help me to know you more and cause your face to shine on me in Jesus mighty name.

Father, let my life and the life of my household bring glory to you in the name of Jesus.

Father, we rebuke every form of plane crash programmed against us or any of our loved ones in Jesus name.

Your personal supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.