Midnight Prayer Points

Proverbs 9:12, Isaiah 25:7

The God of authority, unquestionable God, invincible God, only you shall men serve forever and ever in Jesus name.

Thank you o Lord, for you’re plenteous in mercy. Thank you for my family and finances.

I’m grateful for life, support and the people that you have assigned as my helpers of destiny.

I pray for power to overcome all evil with good, grant me o Lord in Jesus name.

In this perilious times and season o Lord, empower me to be righteous, holy and be a witness of Christ everywhere I find myself.

I pray for the spirit of excellence, let it come upon me now in Jesus name.

Thank you Father for you have overcome all the tribulations of this world for me. O Lord, let me find peace in you in Jesus name.

Christ my Saviour, empower me to live for you. Help me to pattern my life after Christ and do greater works than He did in Jesus name.

Grant me grace to show mercy unto others even as though as shown me mercy o Lord.

Let my whole life be expressions of your grace o Lord.

My Father, turn around my situation for good. Let my mockers see me and rejoice with me in Jesus name.

Jehovah, announce my upliftment to the enemies of my progress and make them ashamed in Jesus name.

Every evil gang up against my progress, scatter them by fire o Lord. Burn them and their families to ashes in Jesus name.

O Lord, rebuke the devil for my sake, let him not rob me of my rights in Christ.

For ye took our infirmities, therefore every thing called infirmity and or afflictions in my body, pack and go in Jesus name.

Every stranger in my body system, be afraid out of your closed places in Jesus name. Every sicknesses and diseases leave my body now in Jesus name.

I rebuke every spirit of fear in my life in Jesus name.

I receive the spirit of sound mind, wisdom, knowledge and understanding in Jesus name.

I decree that my life shall not be cut short in Jesus name. The Almighty is my escape from death in the name of Jesus.

O Lord my Father, remove the cloud of gloom and the shadow of death over my life and family in Jesus name.

My children shall not be cut off in their prime in Jesus name. There days will be multiplied and years of life will be added to them in Jesus name.

Personal Supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.