Midnight Prayer Points

Isaiah 49:24-26 Psalms 31:1-5

Abba Father I adore and lift your name high because of who you are. I praise your majesty in Jesus name.

Father I thank you for your goodness and mercy over my life and that of my household, to you be all the glory.

Yahweh, I appreciate you for your mercy over my life. Thank you for forgiving all my trespasses in Jesus name.

O God I make demand for your divine visitation in my life and household in Jesus name.

Father visit me today and deliver me from every satanic oppression in Jesus name.

Abba Father deliver me today from the consequences of my past mistakes in Jesus name.

O Lord by your mercy deliver me from every lawful and unlawful captivity in Jesus name.

Arise o Lord and contend with every forces holding my destiny captive in Jesus name.

In the mighty name of Jesus I release the consuming fire of the God of Elijah against altars of limitations from my mother and father side in Jesus name.

O Lord pull me out of every pit of empty-handedness, debt or poverty in the mighty name of Jesus.

Father arise and deliver me speedily from every snare set against me or my household by the enemy in Jesus name.

Father in the name of Jesus deliver me from every yoke of iniquity and sin in Jesus name.

Father in the name of Jesus set me free from the bondage of hardship and fruitlessness in Jesus name.

My Father my Father deliver me from the negative patterns of my father’s house in Jesus name.

O you ancestral altar that has held my life down from manifesting the glory of God, what are you waiting for? Catch fire in Jesus name.

O Lord deliver me from the flesh. I subdue my flesh in the name of Jesus.

O God deliver me from the negative will of men in Jesus name.

Father have mercy on me and save me today in the mighty name of Jesus.

In the name of Jesus, I draw the bloodline of the blood of Jesus around my life and household.

Your personal supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.