Midnight Prayer Points

Philippians 3:13-14

Thank you Jesus, for the gift of life.

All glory, honour and adoration be unto your name in Jesus name

You are the God of my past, present and future, thank you Jesus.

Thank you Jesus for teaching my hands to war and my fingers to fight, blessed be your name.

Father, as I cry unto you tonight, listen and heed to my prayers speedily in Jesus name.

I will progress and advance in every area of my life that seems stagnant in Jesus name.

Any chain that the enemy has used in tying my glorious destiny down, I fasten it loose by the power of the blood of the lamb in Jesus name.

I declare that I am no longer chain bound by the enemy, I am free and free indeed in Jesus name.

Dear God, break every cycle of stagnation in every area of my life (maritally, academically, financially, spiritually) in the name of Jesus.

I walk into the realm and atmosphere of continuous progress in the name of Jesus.

Errors from my past shall not truncate my future in the name of Jesus.

I am not held bound by the mistakes of my past in Jesus name.

I am guided by the spirit of God not to fall into any error or mistake that will cause stagnancy and retrogression in the future in the mighty name of Jesus.

Let every form of retrogression be reversed, and let me move forward in all areas of my life in the mighty name of Jesus.

I decree and I declare that I am not held by my own strength, instead I am held by the strength of God.

I am determined to fix my gaze on Jesus alone and not man in Jesus name.

I will keep pressing on till I recieve the heavenly prize in Jesus name.

I receive grace to finish well and end strong in Jesus name.

Father, may I not be lost in transit as I journey in life and purpose in Jesus name.

Father, give me the grace never to lose the map of my destiny in Jesus name.

Your personal supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.