Midnight Prayer Points

Hebrews 13:5, Matthew 6: 31-34.

Thank you Lord for a brand new day, blessed be your Holy name in Jesus name

Jesus my Redeemer, thank you for being my sustainer and my solid rock, adoration be unto your name.

Thank you for the salvation of my soul, for calling me out from darkness into your marvellous light, you are worthy to be praised Lord.

Thank you Jesus for you know my needs and heart desires even before I say them.

In any way that I might have sinned against you, please have mercy on me Lord in Jesus name.

Father, in whatsoever way that my words, thoughts and actions did not bring glory to your name, please show me mercy and forgive me in Jesus name.

Father, I ask today that you help me to seek you and the kingdom of God with all my heart in Jesus name.

I ask Lord that you help me live a life of righteousness and holiness in the mighty name of Jesus.

No plan of the wicked one to put stains on my white garment shall come to pass in Jesus name.

Every agenda of the enemy to destroy my life by causing me pain, shall be destroyed by fire in Jesus name.

The grace to have full faith in you, the grace to overcome fear over my life and family, grant it unto me in Jesus name.

Help me Jesus, to put total trust in you, that I will not be shaken even in the midst of trials and tribulation in Jesus name.

Father, I surrender all to you this moment in the name of Jesus.

Father tonight, I ask that the love of money shall not take over your place in my heart in Jesus name.

I destroy every spirit of greed and lack of contentment that will make me loose everything I have worked for in life in Jesus name.

The Spirit of contentment and godliness, begin to rest upon me as from today in Jesus name.

I refuse to lose my heavenly treasures because of greed or lack of contentment in Jesus name.

I refuse to surrender to the worldly desires of the flesh in Jesus name.

Father, give me the grace to live above the doctrines and systems of this world in Jesus name.

Father help me to shun all form of worldliness and ungodliness in Jesus name.

Your personal supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.