Midnight Prayer Points

Proverbs 22:29, Colossians 3:23-24.

Thank you Jesus, for your love and your grace upon my life and family in Jesus name.

Thank you Lord, for being my helper and my help in Jesus name.

I appreciate you Lord, for coming through for me in times of need, adoration to your Holy name in Jesus name.

Father I ask that as from today henceforth, you continually begin to bless the work of my hands in Jesus name.

Any small effort I put into a business will yield great results and bring glory to your Holy name in Jesus name.

I say no to laziness and yes to diligence in the mighty name of Jesus.

The devil shall not use different means to take my inheritance away from me in Jesus name.

Father, grant me the grace to be excellent at whatever good work I find myself doing in Jesus name.

Make me a master of excellence, virtue, and of value at my place of work in Jesus name

I decree that nations begin to seek me to give me jobs that will transform my life positively in Jesus name.

Every evil veil covering my face and hindering my light to shine is removed from tonight in Jesus name.

I will stand before kings and not before mean men in the name of Jesus.

I rebuke anything such as working like an elephant and eating like an ant in my life and family lineage in Jesus name.

I ask for the grace to have the fear of God in me even at my place of work in Jesus name.

In the name of Jesus, I receive the grace for exceeding academic excellence. (Instructions: If you are a student, pray this prayer very well. If you are a parent pray for your child or relative.)

Nations will come to the brightness of my rising in Jesus name.

Any plan of the devil to terminate all my efforts is destroyed in Jesus name

I receive grace to stand strong even in the midst of trials and tribulations in Jesus name.

Father, step into my life and household and calm every storm in my life, marriage, business and family in Jesus name.

Your personal supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.