Midnight Prayer Points

Isaiah 41:10

Lord I thank you for preserving me and my family.

Thank you Lord for calling us out of darkness into your marvelous light.

In Jesus name, let every lost soul pass from the realm of darkness to the kingdom of light.

O Lord, in the name of Jesus, let your plans and purposes for the life of every unsaved soul triumph in all evangelization outreaches.

Father remove the stone heart of every lost soul throughout all evangelization outreaches and give them a heart of flesh.

O Lord, dishonour any authority that sponsors wicked decisions and fights against every lost soul. (Mention their names if you know any)

In the name of Jesus, I bind and paralyze every spirit of pride at work in the life of every lost soul.

Lord Jesus we fight the gate of hell, which stands against the redemption of all lost souls.

O Lord, enlighten unbelieving souls’ spiritual eyes to realize that without Jesus, they cannot fulfil the purpose of their life.

Father, bind and destroy all wicked advisers who discourage unbelievers from embracing Jesus into their lives.

Father, remove all curses from the head of every lost sinner in Jesus name.

O Lord, we bind and crush every spirit of dispute with the scriptures as we go forth in Jesus name.

Father fill us with the correct words to say as we preach and pray for the lost soul in Jesus name.

O Lord, cure the sick and cast out demons through us as we go forth to evangelize in Jesus name.

Father, grant me zeal and compassion for the lost soul.

Father, direct our steps to the plentiful place of harvest in Jesus name.

O Lord deliver every unsaved soul from lies via evangelism and soul winning in Jesus name.

Father, assist us to break fresh ground in evangelism and frustrate the Antichrist’s efforts in Jesus name.

Father, circumcise every unbelieving heart and make them totally surrender to your reign in Jesus name.

Lord Jesus regenerate your spirit in every unbeliever’s body so that they may walk in you and obey your commandments in Jesus name.

O Lord, open the hearts of every lost individual to believe your message and respond favourably to it as we go out to evangelize in Jesus name.

In Jesus name, we beseech you to grant all lost souls the spirit of repentance, the grace to know the truth and come to the knowledge of the truth in Jesus name

Your personal supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.