Midnight Prayer Points

Proverbs 11:30, John 12:35

Blessed redeemer, I worship you today. Glory be to your Holy name.

Thank you Lord for the gift of life, be thou glorified and lifted high in Jesus name.

Thank you Lord for the salvation of my soul, adoration be to your holy name.

Thank you Lord, on behalf of my family and loved ones, thank you for your love and preservation towards us.

Lord I worship your name on behalf of those around me, thank you for not leaving us, thank you for not forsaking us.

I come to your throne of mercy and I ask that you have mercy on me in Jesus name.

O Lord, forgive me of my shortcoming and let me enjoy your righteousness always in Jesus name.

I ask that your mercy continues to prevail over judgment over this nation and the world at large in Jesus name.

Father please grant me the grace to win souls for you in Jesus name.

Help me Lord to live a life worthy of emulation in Jesus name.

Lord help me to live a life worthy of drawing men closer to you in Jesus name.

O Lord I ask that you draw the lost souls back to you and restore them from the shackles of condemnation in Jesus name.

Father, you died on the cross of calvary to set man free from sin, I ask that all those that the devil still has in bondage will be set free in Jesus name.

Every agenda that the devil has put in place to send men to hell is exposed and terminated in Jesus name.

Unto the God that answers prayer by fire, I ask that whatever grip the devil has on youths and teens that is making them hell bound is burnt with the holy fire in Jesus name.

Whatever veil the devil has placed on the eyes of men to prevent them from seeing the light of God is removed this instant in Jesus name.

Father we ask that concerning every lost soul on earth, wandering on the path to destruction is captured with your right hand and placed on the path of salvation in Jesus name.

INSTRUCTIONS: Pray for your family member, friend, and loved ones that are not saved yet, that the Lord will visit them himself.

Lord, if peradventure I am derailing from the path of holiness and righteousness, and I find myself doing things that are not of your will, please have mercy on me and draw me nearer to you in Jesus name.

Your personal supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.