Midnight Prayer Points

PSALMS 1:1-6, PSALMS 3:7

Lord, I thank you for your marvellous works in my life and family.

In Jesus name, I renounce the counsel of the wicked over my family and I.

Father, let my delight be in your law, and let your Word guide my steps in Jesus name.

Lord, uproot any ungodly influences from my life in Jesus name.

Help me Lord to stand firm in righteousness and holiness in Jesus name.

O Lord, Grant me the grace to bear fruit in due season in Jesus name.

Father, let my life be a testimony of Your transforming power in Jesus name.

I declare that am firmly planted in Christ, unshaken by the storms of life in Jesus name.

I declare that my leaves does not wither; I am fruitful and blessed in Jesus name.

Father, separate me from the assembly of the wicked in Jesus name.

Father, surround me with godly companions who encourage me in my faith in Jesus name.

Let my delight be in Your presence, Lord, and may I find joy in communing with you through prayer and worship in Jesus name.

I reject the path of destruction and embrace the way of the righteous in Jesus name.

Lord, please shield me from temptation and sins in Jesus name.

Lord, let the light of Your truth shine brightly in my life, exposing darkness and guiding me in your ways.

Arise o Lord and save me and my household in Jesus name.

Lord, smite all our enemies that refuse to repent and retreat in Jesus name.

Break the teeth of the ungodly who is assigned against me or my household in Jesus name.

I rebuke every form of fire explosion in my house or neighborhood in Jesus name.

Your personal supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.