Midnight Prayer Points

Exodus 20:3-5, Leviticus 26:1

Lord, thank you for all that you do in my life everyday in Jesus Name.

Heavenly Father, I come before you at this midnight hour, acknowledging your sovereignty over all. I declare that I shall have no other gods before you, Lord, as commanded in Exodus 20:3 in Jesus name.

I renounce any covenant with idols, false gods, or ancestral altars that may have held my life bound in Jesus name.

I declare that I shall not make any image or idol to worship, as stated in Exodus 20:4 in Jesus name.

I break and destroy any altars of idolatry or evil influence that may exist in my life, my family, or my environment, in the name of Jesus.

Lord, help me to honour you with all my heart, soul, and mind, as you command in Exodus 20:5 in Jesus name.

Father, I ask for the strength and grace to trust in you completely and to lean not on my own understanding in Jesus name.

Father, I commit my plans and aspirations into your hands, knowing that you will establish them according to your will in Jesus name.

I pray that my life will be a testimony of your glory and that I will not be entangled in any form of idolatry or false worship in Jesus name.

Lord, in accordance with Leviticus 26:1, I will not make idols or set up images in my life that compete with your authority in Jesus name.

I break the power of any idols or false gods that have been erected in my heart and mind in Jesus name.

I pray for discernment to recognize and reject any influence or temptation that leads me away from your truth in Jesus name.

Father, I present my family, loved ones, and community before you, asking for your protection against idolatry and false worship in Jesus name.

Lord God Almighty,I declare that I am under your covering, and no idol or evil altar can harm me or my loved ones in Jesus name.

Lord, I seek your wisdom and guidance in all my financial endeavours, that I may honour you with my wealth in Jesus name.

In the name of Jesus, I break the bondage of debt and financial struggles that may have resulted from idolatry or unwise financial decision.

Father grant me the grace to be generous and give freely, as you have blessed me in Jesus name.

I trust in your promise, Lord, that you will meet all my needs according to your riches in glory in Jesus name.

Father, I declare that my household is built upon the foundation of faith in you, and no idolatrous influence will prevail in Jesus name.

Father, I pray for unity, love, and understanding in my family, that we may serve you together in Jesus name.

Lord, I surrender my career and business pursuits to you, seeking your guidance and blessing.

I declare that I will seek first your kingdom and righteousness in all my endeavours, and I trust that you will provide for my needs in Jesus name.

Your personal supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.