No One Is Too Far Gone

God’s grace is available to all who want it—no one has sinned beyond His ability to love, forgive, and heal.

Acts 9:1-31

Imagine what the apostle Paul must have felt at the time of his conversion. Before then, he was known as Saul, a notorious persecutor of the Christian church. Saul even went so far as to track down believers and approve their execution!

Do you think people trusted him immediately after his experience with Jesus? What must the reaction have been from the believers who knew him only as a murderer? Surely Paul was forced to suffer their harsh stares and questions. And yet God moved in a mighty way through this former persecutor. Despite Paul’s past, God had a specific plan for him, and in the power of the Holy Spirit, the apostle was used mightily to spread the gospel.

Perhaps you know someone who is hostile to the faith. Can you “preach” to him or her through kind and loving actions? Perhaps the Lord is planning to use you as He once did Ananias. Or perhaps you’re the one who’s hesitating, thinking you’re too far gone to save. Beloved, there is no one beyond God’s loving grace. Ask Him to speak to your heart today, and follow Him. You’ll be so glad you did.