Noah—A Trusting Father

When God calls us to step into the unknown, we don’t have to fear—He is there with us.

Genesis 7:1-7

We sometimes feel bewildered by all the evil we see in the world, but nothing surprises our heavenly Father. Scripture tells us that thousands of years ago, in Noah’s time, the hearts of humans were inclined toward wickedness, and this grieved the Lord—to the point that He wanted to wipe the slate clean and start over (Genesis 6:5-7).

Noah alone stood out as a God-fearing man; he is described as “a righteous man, blameless in his generation” (Genesis 6:9). This righteousness saved him and his entire family—but first he had a big job to do. God told him to build an ark big enough to house his family and two animals of every kind, a project that took 100 years to complete. We read about many faithful believers in the Bible, but Noah proved his trust in God over the course of a century. He persevered in his obedience even though he had never experienced rain and faced the ridicule of those around him.

Noah and his loved ones survived the great flood and became the ancestors of the billions of people alive today. Consider the impact his obedience had on all the generations that followed—and all the goodness and love since. All because Noah trusted and said yes to God. Will you?