On Glorious Display

Our Creator lovingly crafted each of us into a masterpiece to reveal His glorious love.

Psalm 139:14

Did you ever study Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting “The Starry Night”? It’s a captivating blend of circles and swirls that form a dreamlike sky. On one level, it’s intriguing to picture yourself in the scene and imagine the vivid sights and gentle breeze implied by the curling forms. But if you look more closely, you’ll begin to see nothing about the painting is haphazard. Every stroke of blue, yellow, green, white, and purple is unique and intentional, creating contrast between sky and stars. The combination of colors brings depth and richness to the composition, and each hue is enriched because it exists in harmony with those around it.

As beautiful as van Gogh’s masterwork might be, it pales in comparison to what the Creator has accomplished in us, His beloved children. We believers are each a unique blend of personality, gifts, and experiences that God has mixed together and continually applies so we simultaneously enhance and are enhanced by those around us.

What an honor it is to be God’s handiwork! While every Christian is a small piece of the whole of creation, we never lose our distinctiveness or get lost in the grandeur of the big picture. Quite the contrary—God knows exactly where we are and keeps us in mind as He adds others to His magnum opus.