On the Bottom Looking Up

What should you do when you’ve done all you can?

1 Samuel 27:1-7

David was tired of being chased. After years of running from King Saul and with no indication that things would change, David began to despair. Though God had promised to prosper him, his trust faltered. Isn’t that how we feel sometimes? We know that God has promised good things for those who wait on Him and that every promise of His is “yes” in Christ (2 Corinthians 1:20), but our faith, like David’s, wavers.

Israel’s future king assessed his options and chose the “best” one—to form an alliance with the godless Philistines. By moving from faith to human reasoning, David stepped out of the Lord’s will and joined with the enemies of God’s people. In doing so, he compromised the very thing to which he had committed himself—being Israel’s leader.

Fortunately, when you hit bottom as David did, there is a way back. Focusing on the Lord can lead you out of discouragement and into His presence. Confess your lack of faith, receive God’s forgiveness, and pledge to follow Him. Next, strengthen yourself in the Lord: Recall His past faithfulness, reflect upon His power, and remember His promises. Finally, resolve to trust God for the future, and ask His Holy Spirit for help. Won’t you walk upon the road that leads upward to the Father?