Preaching Like Peter

Sharing the gospel doesn’t have to be complicated.

Acts 2:14-36

Have you ever noticed the length of the sermon from today’s passage? It takes less than three minutes to recite. Sharing the gospel doesn’t need to be complicated or lengthy, and Peter’s sermon is an example we can follow for our own testimonies. It contains:

The Savior’s Credentials and Purpose. Peter cited the “miracles and wonders and signs” that validated Jesus as the promised Messiah (Acts 2:22). Then the apostle communicated that the Lord’s mission was to die for mankind’s sin.

A Personal Invitation. Peter made sure listeners knew their responsibility in the Messiah’s death but quickly gave the exciting news that Christ was alive (Acts 2:23-24). Those who believed were invited to repent and be baptized in Jesus’ name. No gospel message is complete without telling people how they, too, can be saved.

Reliance on the Holy Spirit. Peter referenced many scriptures but knew that it is the Holy Spirit who ultimately makes the case for Christ. No matter how persuasive a man’s message is, only the Spirit can change unbelieving hearts and minds.

Witnessing to others doesn’t have to be complicated. Our part is prayer, preparation, and compassion, but we leave the outcome to God.