Reflected in the Word

Humbly acting on the correction found in God’s Word places us on the path to blessing.

James 1:23-25

Salar de Uyuni, a salt flat in Bolivia, covers more than 4,000 squares miles. During the rainy season, a thin sheet of water makes it the largest mirror in the world, so large it can be seen from space. It creates startling images with its reflection of the sky and surrounding mountains. But like most watery mirrors, it doesn’t reflect a perfect image.

A perfect mirror allows us not only to look at our reflection but also to see accurately. A fun mirror at a carnival, however, will show a distorted version. To see ourselves as God does, James says we need the “perfect law,” which is another name for God’s Word. And the reflection of ourselves we see in the Bible is perfect in the sense that it is complete—the Word misses nothing. The insights we gain can prepare us to live in greater faithfulness.

Because hearing or knowing what the Bible says is not our final goal, we need to go beyond simply looking at it. Just as our bathroom mirror shows us if we have hair out of place or leftover lunch in our teeth, the mirror of the Word doesn’t just show us how we look. It reminds us how we ought to look, by revealing gaps in our obedience. If we act on those gaps, letting Scripture disciple us to live in loving submission to Jesus, we can become what James calls a “doer.” And the result? We will be blessed as we do all God has asked of us.