Reframing Our Understanding

In our times of uncertainty, God knows what will help us cope—and we can trust Him to provide it.

Joshua 2:8-13; Joshua 6:25

When two Israelite spies arrived in Jericho, they received an unexpected welcome from the second woman in Jesus’ genealogy. The Scriptures do not mince words: Rahab is described as a prostitute, making her another surprising addition to the messianic lineage recorded by Matthew.

Rahab’s home was an ideal place for gathering information and lying low, which is exactly what the spies did. When the king of Jericho learned about them, he demanded that Rahab hand them over. But she didn’t.

Facing the likelihood of a siege and battle, Rahab thought of her family and also expressed belief in the God of Israel. “He is God in heaven above,” she said, “and on earth below” (Josh. 2:11). In return for her aid, she asked the spies to protect her when Israel triumphed over Jericho. And the city’s walls did fall, but Rahab’s household was spared. She later made a home in Israel (6:25), eventually marrying Salmon and bearing a son, Boaz (Matthew 1:5).

Rahab is remembered for her readiness to trust God and let Him reframe her understanding of enemies. What about us? Are we inclined to let the Lord adjust our perspective so we understand things the way He does? And are we, like Rahab, willing to entrust our life and family to Him?