Remember That God Is Sufficient

We have been freed from sin and forgiven forever through Christ.

Psalm 91:1-10

When life’s running smoothly and all is well with us and our loved ones, we have no trouble being content and trusting God. But when situations become difficult, our peace is rapidly replaced by stress and anxiety. So what do we do?

We must remember that no matter how we feel, the One who rules the universe remains sovereign over all things, down to the smallest detail. He loves us unconditionally and always works for our best interest. Therefore, if He has allowed a situation, we can trust there is a divine plan and reason for whatever comes our way. It isn’t always easy, especially when we are facing loss or danger, but Scripture assures us that God is more than adequate to sustain us.

So when difficulty hits, don’t lose sight of who God is or who you are in Him. In those moments, make Isaiah’s words your own: “Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid; for the Lord God is my strength and song” (Isaiah 12:2).

Spend some time on this Holy Thursday contemplating God’s loving omnipotence and bearing this in mind: The One who keeps the entire universe functioning perfectly holds you securely in the palm of His hand.