Restored by Love

God graciously offers to remove the burden of sin from anyone who comes to Him.

Romans 5:6-11

What emotions do you feel when you hear the word sin? Perhaps embarrassment, discomfort, or even shame? Well, there’s a reason why. We weren’t meant for sin or the negative consequences that come with it.

Sin—or hamartia in Greek, meaning “to miss the mark”—separates us from our heavenly Father. The perfect union and harmony that Adam and Eve shared with Him in the garden was lost the moment sin entered the picture.

Today, many millennia after that painful breach occurred, we still sense something vital is missing. Countless people spend their whole life trying to fill that void. However, only God’s love and presence can adequately address the ache it causes. And that’s why Jesus came—“to give His life as a ransom for many,” rescue us from the power of sin and death, and reunite us with the One who loves us beyond all measure (Matthew 20:28).

If you’ve trusted in Jesus, you can rejoice because sin has already been defeated by His atoning sacrifice (1 Peter 2:24). And if you haven’t yet made that decision, know that He’s waiting for you to open the door (Revelation 3:20-22).