Running the Race of Faith

Following the course set by the Holy Spirit brings great rewards.

Hebrews 12:1-3

Runners in a marathon follow a clearly marked course. But suppose one of the athletes decides to pick his own path. He still runs 26 miles and sets his finish line in the same spot as the official one, but he runs through neighborhoods with fewer hills and across less crowded parks. His plan seems excellent to him, but when he crosses the finish line, there won’t be a medal or ribbon waiting. That seems silly, right?

But we do the same thing when we decide the course for our life instead of running the race God sets. By submitting to His will—doing what He says and going where He leads—we remain on the right path.

For believers, the “finish line”—heaven—is the same whether we run the race God’s way or our own way. However, the difference is what we have to show for our time on earth. Regardless of how grand a legacy someone leaves, the only truly lasting and worthwhile deeds are those done for the Lord and in the power of His Spirit.

Thankfully, no matter how far off course we may veer, the Holy Spirit is still present. He reminds us of the right path—and also provides the power to get back on it and persevere. Your route is marked out and your choice is clear. Run the race set before you and finish well (Acts 20:24).