Seek the Lord Early

Starting each morning with the Lord can change the trajectory of your day.

Psalm 63:1-8

Any time of the day is a great time to be with the Lord, but the morning is special because it can affect the remainder of the day. Psalm 63 reveals that David began his day with the Lord, as he described seeking God early (the literal translation of “shall be watching”). He woke up hungry for His Creator, filled his yearning soul with the fullness of the Lord, and broke out in thanksgiving and praise to Him. And when night eventually came and David was lying in bed, he was still thinking about His heavenly Father.

Just imagine having a day like David’s, filled with joy and gratitude to God. Of course, all time with the Lord is precious. But when we set apart the beginning of our day—to hear God speak through His Word, to talk with Him in prayer, to contemplate who He is and how He works—we have the opportunity to continue that mindset throughout the day and into the night.

Do you find it a struggle to spend time with the Lord? Lifelong habits begin with baby steps, not grand resolutions. Set aside five minutes tomorrow morning, and see how the Lord nourishes your soul and increases your hunger for Him.