Serving Diligently

Look for opportunities around you, and trust the Holy Spirit to provide all you need to help others.

Romans 12:9-13

God sends opportunities every day to positively impact lives around you. Your “service” may simply be an encouraging word, a listening ear, or a kind act. But in other situations, helping someone may involve the sacrifice of long periods of time away from your regular routine or giving generously of your resources. Whether serving in large or small ways, when God’s love flows through you, you’ll be able to unselfishly adjust your schedule or budget and not count the cost.

No matter what you do, your service should always be done “in Jesus’ name.” This means it is motivated by love, done in harmony with God’s revealed will and in submission to His authority. And as today’s passage urges, we are to be “fervent in spirit” as we serve the Lord and “not lagging behind in diligence” (Rom. 12:11). To live out your faith in this way requires dependence upon the Holy Spirit’s power. Only by yielding to His control can your work produce real spiritual fruit.

As ambassadors of Christ, we must serve with humility so that God receives the glory He deserves. Whatever success we experience belongs to the Lord, whose Spirit is working through us. Pray for Him to make you alert to the service opportunities He places before you.