Serving God with Our Gifts

Don’t miss the joy that comes from serving God and others wholeheartedly.

Matthew 25:14-30

Have you ever tried to do something you haven’t done for a while, such as ride a bike, play the piano, or speak French? You may have been surprised to find yourself stumbling a little. When we don’t regularly practice a skill, we can start to lose proficiency.

Similarly, if we don’t exercise regularly, we lose muscle strength. Some machines start to rust and break down without regular use. Food and medication have a limited shelf life. You know what they say: Use it or lose it.

It’s not enough to identify our spiritual gifts—we have to use and be good stewards of them. God gave us our gifts for a purpose. The Parable of the Talents clearly shows us what happens when we “bury” what He’s given us: We not only dishonor Him; we also miss out on the joy of fulfilling our purpose and experiencing the abundant life Jesus promised. (John 10:10).

Parents take pride in seeing their children grow in mind and body through the years. In a similar way, our Father in heaven delights to see a humble heart that is ready to serve Him (Colossians 3:22-23). Don’t miss this moment with Him—how will you use your gifts to serve His kingdom today?