Set Your Hope on Grace

We may not see the results of our faithfulness until heaven.

1 Peter 1:10-13

Yesterday, we focused on Hebrews 11 and the stories of people who followed the Lord faithfully—all before Jesus came to earth. Their legacy strengthens us to imitate them and walk by faith. In today’s reading, Peter reminds us of those who wrote down God’s promises so that we would be able to hear the good news. Their words assure us of God’s plan of salvation and point to our greatest hope.

Like the men and women remembered in Hebrews 11, the Old Testament prophets didn’t personally experience fulfillment of all that God promised. They “made careful searches and inquiries” (1 Peter 1:10) in an attempt to understand His plans, but none of them lived to see Jesus—the One they wrote about—in the flesh. Peter tells us they realized their writings were for the benefit of others.

The prophets’ Old Testament messages prepared the way for God’s good news to be received by the apostles and the whole world. Their words are like fruit trees that will bring a harvest long after the people who planted them are gone from this life.

The revelation of God in Jesus Christ is complete. But like the prophets of old, we can leave a message that bears fruit for generations to come. In other words, let’s demonstrate hope in Christ and generously give forgiveness and love.