Shining Light in Our Circle of Influence

Is there someone you can serve and encourage today?

John 12:35-36

Jesus, the Light of the World, told us—His followers—to be light as well. We are to shine so that people will be drawn to the One who dwells within us.

Light shines most effectively when it’s not hidden. As Christians, we should be transparent about our faith and dependence on the Lord. Who we are in private must match who we are in public. Eliminating sinful habits and practices will brighten our testimony for Jesus. Light reveals what’s in the darkness as well as what is missing. The Holy Spirit will use our actions to shine truth into others’ lives and reveal their need for the Savior.

Light also serves to guide and to warn. As we obey the Lord’s leading, we will be able to help others understand who God is and how much He loves them. We also can function as lanterns to warn people of the dangers along their path. Finally, our interactions are to bring warmth through an encouraging attitude and servant-like actions.

In order to have a strong impact, we must reflect the light of God’s Son. Growing in Christlikeness is the key. Become intentional about shining your light wherever you are—especially in your home, workplace, and community.