Taking Christ to the World

Sharing the gospel can begin with simply being kind to those in your community.

After His resurrection, Jesus asked three times if Peter loved Him. And each time the disciple answered yes, the Lord said to take care of His sheep (John 21:15-17). Like Peter, we are called to tend to one another, loving the church and going out to “the roads and the hedges” to reflect Christ’s love (Luke 14:23).

Whether we’re volunteering at an after-school program, befriending unbelievers in our workplace, giving of our time and talents to benefit a charity, or simply having a conversation in the checkout line, we can do good for our communities and bring glory to God.

Our mission is to join in Christ’s vision as an outpouring of His love—uplifting, engaging, and supporting the people we encounter. And just as Jesus left His seat next to the Father to go out into a cold world and rescue those who needed it, we have all kinds of opportunities to share the loving message of the gospel.

Think about it

• Think about Christ’s commands to “love your neighbor” and to “go … and make disciples” (Matthew 22:34-40; Matthew 28:18-20). How do these work together and even enrich one another?