The Authority of Our Message

When God gives you an opportunity, don’t be afraid to share His Word with others.

1 Kings 17:1

Elijah had a message to deliver to King Ahab that would soon disrupt life throughout the entire region. The wicked king’s first thought after encountering the prophet may well have been, Of all the nerve! Just who does this guy think he is?

Elijah was a man of great faith who believed what God told him. He spent time alone with the Lord and listened carefully to His words. And the prophet could boldly speak with authority because he knew and trusted the One who gave the message.

The Lord doesn’t speak to us in the same way that He spoke to the Old Testament prophets, but the process of receiving His message hasn’t changed. It begins with being alone in His presence and listening as He speaks through His Word. But it shouldn’t end there.

Prophets had the responsibility of telling the people what the Lord revealed to them. Similarly, we are to share with others what we learn from God’s Word. The Father reveals His treasures to us so that we can share them with others.

Begin each day alone with God in His Word and in prayer, listening as He speaks to your heart. Believe what He says in Scripture, apply it to your life, and then share with others what He has revealed. Be bold and remember that the authority of your message comes from Him.