The Believer’s Impact

Ask God to help you make your days count for eternity.

Matthew 28:19-20

The Lord has given us talents and abilities so that we can serve Him and make a difference in our circle of influence, no matter its size.

To maximize our impact, we must develop a lifestyle of prayer, because talking to God is essential for effective ministry. Conversation with Him prepares our mind for communicating to others—the simplest words can have amazing results when He directs. And the Lord has also promised to respond to our requests according to His perfect will.

Our Father wants us to use our spiritual gifts to bless others. So let’s keep in mind that acts of service can speak clearly of His love and compassion. As we become salt and light, God will expand our sphere of influence beyond what we could imagine.

Pray, “Lord, I give You control over my life so You can affect others through my words and actions. Make my days count for eternity however You choose—do not let me waste them. Live Your life through me in such a way that many recognize their need for You. In Jesus’ name, amen.”