The Believer’s Riches

We don’t have to live in spiritual poverty; God offers us His riches—every day.

Philippians 4:19-20

Imagine that you’ve saved for a long time to take a cruise. At last, you’re aboard with two carefully packed suitcases. The first evening, when “Dinner is served” is announced over the loudspeaker, you grab peanut butter crackers from your suitcase and sit at the table in your small cabin. Every day at mealtime, you repeat the ritual. It isn’t that you don’t like the ship’s tasty banquets. You simply don’t know that meals are included in the ticket price. For two weeks you enjoy beautiful scenery off the decks but eat dry, stale food in your room.

This sad story is a metaphor for how some believers live the Christian life. God has promised to meet every need of His children—His riches are included in the price Christ paid for their salvation (Ephesians 1:18). Yet many of us are trying to live out of our own resources. We don’t know that the bounty of God’s love, power, and provision is on the menu.

A believer’s relationship with Jesus is one of complete unity. He is our life, and His Spirit lives through us. Therefore, everything that is available to the Lord is also available to us—all power, strength, and endurance.

Spend time in the Word to learn about all the riches you are given through faith. God offers believers everything required for living well and wisely. Trust Him for all your needs.