The Holy Spirit—An Absolute Essential

Are you living with the strength, wisdom, and joy the Lord wants to give?

Romans 8:1-17

Of the three members of the Trinity, perhaps the most overlooked is the Holy Spirit. Yet He’s co-equal with the Father and the Son. The opening chapter of Scripture tells us that He existed before the formation of the earth and participated in creation (Genesis 1:2; Genesis 1:26). Today, He plays a critical role in the salvation, spiritual growth, and empowerment of believers.

At the moment of salvation, God’s Spirit comes to permanently dwell within each new believer. His presence within us isn’t something we have to earn or acquire; it’s a gift to every child of God. His work is to transform us into the image of Christ, give us understanding of Scripture, convict us when we sin, empower us to overcome temptation and walk in obedience to God, and guide us throughout life. When we yield to His leadership, we’ll receive all the benefits of His work within us.

Are you experiencing the fullness of the Spirit? Though we’re never promised happy circumstances throughout life, the Holy Spirit can produce joy and contentment within us, even in trying situations. If you’re lacking in this area, pray for sensitivity and responsiveness to the Spirit’s instruction and leadership.