The Importance of Accepting Criticism

Others can make us better and help us avoid pain, but only if we’re willing to consider their point of view.

Proverbs 10:8-18

Nobody likes criticism, but we should remember that God can use it to tell us something important. We are wise to pay attention when people critique us. Their words—whether invited or not—should encourage us to examine ourselves and discover who we really are. If we fail to listen, we might miss out on something essential.

That’s why it’s important to respond well and evaluate criticism correctly. Instead of immediately becoming defensive or assuming you’re without fault, ask yourself, Is the Lord trying to teach me something in this moment? It’s wise not to automatically reject the comment, blame the person who made it, or defend yourself. Instead, consider what was said and ask God to continue revealing His will for your life. Then thank the person and explain that you’ll reflect on his or her observation.

Today’s passage reminds us: “The wise of heart will receive commands” and the “one who is on the path of life follows instruction” (Proverbs 10:8, Proverbs 10:17). If we wish to continue growing in Christlikeness, we must leave ourselves open to receive the Lord’s teachings via whatever or whomever He chooses.