The Positive Power of Confidence

Believers who rely on Jesus can face life’s challenges with boldness.

Philippians 3:4-14

Paul was a confident man. Before his salvation, the apostle’s self-assured attitude came from trusting in his credentials, background, education, and position. However, his encounter with the Lord led him to realize these things were of little worth (Phil. 3:4-8). So, what was then the source of his boldness?

Paul’s relationship with Jesus formed the new foundation for his very existence (Phil. 3:8-10). He not only recognized the inadequacy of everything he had previously relied upon—his knowledge, achievement, and authority; he also relinquished any notion of living independently of the Lord. The apostle lived his life through reliance upon God (Galatians 2:20).

Because of Paul’s unwavering trust in the Lord, He believed God’s promises to strengthen and equip him, guide him in every situation, meet all his needs, and never leave him. Paul took the Lord at His word and was empowered to meet adversity with boldness. His confidence was not in himself but in God’s presence, provision, and power; therefore, it remained strong.

Do you see why we can be confident followers of Christ? It isn’t who we are, what we believe about ourselves, or what strengths and abilities we have that matter. Developing a wholehearted trust and reliance on Jesus is what brings about confidence. How much do you trust Him?