The Question That Matters The Most

Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God—and that He came to save you?

John 9:13-38

Yesterday, we discussed the man who was born blind and how he faithfully repeated his story. Many were amazed, but some likely didn’t believe his words. And others were actually hostile to him.

The man was brought before the Pharisees and interrogated twice. He shared how Jesus had healed him with mud applied to his eyes. But then the religious elite asked another question: “What do you say about Him?” And he responded boldly, “He is a prophet” (John 9:17).

His parents were called before the counsel, but they refused to answer any queries. However, that didn’t stop the man whose sight was restored. When he was questioned again, he didn’t falter. In fact, he began to cross-examine those supposedly wise men!

But there was a final question for him to answer. After being cast out by the Pharisees, the man born blind once again met Jesus, who asked, “Do you believe in the Son of Man?” (John 9:35). To this, he said, “I believe, Lord” (John 9:38).

The healing, the explanations, the questions—all of it led to a simple statement of faith. May we learn a lesson from this steadfast soul about how best to use our own stories.