The Requirements of Servanthood

Before we can share God’s love, we have to slow down and see the needs of the people around us.

Luke 19:1-9

Yesterday, we learned that believers have all been given gifts so they can serve the body of Christ. In fact, Jesus Himself is our best example of a servant (Matthew 20:28). Today, let’s look at three things in the story of Zacchaeus that can help us to serve as the Lord did.

  1. Awareness: Though surrounded by a crowd, Jesus stopped and took notice of one particular man perched in a tree. Zacchaeus was hated and rejected because he was a tax collector. Despite his wealth, something was missing in his life, and Christ recognized his need. People all around us are searching for hope, but we’re often too preoccupied to notice.
  2. Availability: Jesus was heading to Jerusalem to carry out the most important act in human history: our redemption. Yet He stopped to have a meal with a spiritually needy man. What could be so important that it prevents you from giving others the thing they need most—your time?
  3. Acceptance: Although Zacchaeus was a notorious sinner, Jesus didn’t say, “Clean up your act, and then I’ll come to your house.” We’re called to love people, not to fix them.

How are you doing at serving those around you? Maybe it’s time to slow down and open your spiritual eyes to see if there’s someone you can help. God places opportunities all around us, but if we’re not looking, we’ll miss them.