The Way God Speaks

Ask God to help you hear Him and understand His will in every circumstance.

Exodus 3:1-22

Think about a time when you were highly distracted—it’s unlikely you were able to hear God at all. Sometimes, when that happens, the Lord chooses to speak through unusual circumstances.

Consider Moses in the third chapter of Exodus. Though well-educated and raised by royalty, he was exiled to the wilderness. He was no doubt surprised by such a turn of events and preoccupied by fear, disappointment, and pride.

But God had big plans for Moses. So He arranged something that the shepherd couldn’t ignore: a burning bush. Even more startling, the Lord spoke to Moses through it!

And Scripture gives other examples, such as Balaam’s donkey being given the ability to speak (Numbers 22:28). Sometimes this is exactly how God works—by doing something so unusual that we have no choice but to stop, look, and listen.

It is helpful to recognize God in every circumstance, from the wild and unexpected to the simple and ordinary. By spending time in His Word and in prayer, we can get better and better at perceiving Him. And then, whether our situation seems unbelievably good or unbearably bad, we are wise to step back and ask the Lord to help us view the matter from His perspective.