The Ways We Disobey

It’s easy to slip into sin, but we can quickly get back on track.

Psalm 119:65-72

Salvation frees us from eternal condemnation, yet we still struggle with sin. The devil tries to deceive us, the world seeks to conform us, and our fleshly nature yearns to be satisfied. Thankfully, we’re not helpless in the face of these temptations: God has given us His Spirit and His Word to guide us.

Though our victory against sin won’t be complete in this life, we’ll make greater strides against it the more we get to know the Lord and become like Him. But we should be aware of four ways that we rebel against God.

  1. By neglecting to obey His commands. Our rebellion can be something obvious, like stealing or lying. Or it can be subtle and private, such as harboring a bitter, unforgiving spirit.
  2. By actively pursuing what God forbids. He has declared certain things off limits because they dishonor Him and have devastating consequences in our lives. Respecting His decrees is wise.
  3. By doing what the Lord says, but in the wrong manner. God evaluates not only our actions, but also our motives and attitudes.
  4. By insisting on our own agenda. Since Jesus Christ is our Lord and Master, we’re to submit to His will and wait patiently for His guidance.

Instead of justifying, rationalizing, or ignoring your rebellion, quickly confess and repent when you are aware of sin. And let God’s discipline teach you to love and keep His Word.