Trust and Transformation

Faith in God changes our heart and impacts every decision and relationship.

Jeremiah 17:7-8

Knowledge is a good thing. There’s nothing wrong with studying doctrine, theology, or church history. But knowledge and belief aren’t the same. And neither one on its own is anything without trust. Think of it this way: If God’s love is like the air in our lungs, then our trust in Him is like the connective tissue in our body, holding everything together.

A lot of people consider trust an abstract concept. But in reality, it results in observable change in action or attitude. And that’s what we see in the Bible—references to trust, faith, or belief are usually associated with noticeable transformation.

Similarly, when we wholeheartedly trust God, there’s often a noticeable change that occurs. It may be something that happens within us rather than to our circumstances. But when God’s love causes such a shift, our perspective is likely to change and impact our daily life as well. For instance, it’s possible people around us will feel encouraged by our presence, we’ll treat the environment with more care, and our reactions will open the door to peace instead of conflict.

Trusting God frequently begins in commonplace moments. Sometimes the greatest change is triggered by an action as simple as humbly asking the Lord for help. Take even one small step toward Him today. Let Him show you how trustworthy He is.