Understanding Your Call

Thinking that certain facts about Jesus are true is not the same as trusting Him.

1 Peter 2:9-12

Which term describes your Christian life: believer or Christ-follower? A believer can be certain of things without necessarily putting them into practice. But a follower chooses the path of action. What does it look like to follow Jesus?

  1. First, we must trust Him (John 14:1) because we will not follow someone we don’t trust. Trust develops as we abide in Him and discover the beauty of His character, His love, and His plan.
  2. Secondly, we must obey Him (John 14:15). A true follower of Jesus will combine trust with obedience, endeavoring to say “Yes, I will” when it’s difficult, “Yes, I will” when it’s unpopular, and “Yes, I will” even when it may cause us heartache.
  3. Lastly, we must serve Him. God doesn’t want His children to be mere observers but to be active participants in His work. We are called to use our spiritual gifts and do our part as the body of Christ (1 Cor. 12:27-28).

Jesus provided the perfect example: He trusted His Father completely, obeyed Him sacrificially (Phil. 2:8), and lived a life of service (Matt. 20:28). We are called to emulate our Lord and Savior. In what area do you need help? Ask the Holy Spirit to give you a trusting, obedient spirit.