Waiting for God to Intervene

Release your expectations and trust your heavenly Father to do what’s best.

Psalm 27:13-14

Are you currently waiting for the Lord to intervene in your life or the life of a loved one? It can be difficult to understand why our heavenly Father delays matters that are urgent to us. Only He knows the reason. However, there are several adjustments we can make as we wait.

Determine your focus. In the urgency of the moment, it’s easy to center our attention on the need instead of on God. We may start out waiting for the Lord, but before you know it, we’re more interested in what He can do for us than we are interested in Him. Remember, God wants us to delight in who He is, not just what He gives us.

Release your expectations. The Lord is always working on our behalf. Holding onto your own assumptions about how the Lord should intervene is emotionally exhausting. But peace awaits those who trust that He will do what is in our best interest—in every situation we encounter.

While we are waiting, God is working. He sees the entire picture and is active behind the scenes, arranging everything according to His will. But perhaps His most important work is the deepening of our relationship with Him as we learn to love and trust Him in the wait.