Why We Need The Bible

God’s Word has the unfailing truth we need for life’s decisions, heartaches, and fears.

2 Timothy 3:16-17

Has there ever been a time in history when we’ve had access to so much knowledge? Whether you want to fix your car, get dating advice, or make sense of a political issue, someone somewhere is willing to give advice. Books, TV shows, websites, podcasts, and social media all claim to have the answers we need. So why aren’t we more fulfilled?

We often come up empty because those sources lack ultimate, eternal knowledge. And so, the guidance and peace we desperately seek remain elusive. We need something better—we need truth. The Bible meets this need because, from beginning to end, it reveals God to us, assures us of His love, leads us to salvation, and shows us how to live. The Bible is much more than a history text or story book. It’s more than a collection of poetry and wisdom. It is the inspired and living Word of God—timeless, infallible, trustworthy.

The Lord can and does use people and resources to help us grapple with life’s complexities, yet the wisdom we receive from them should always line up with the Bible’s teachings. Where have you turned recently for the answers to difficult questions? How much has Scripture factored in?